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Track Name: Speak Easy
Hang over me like a black cloud. Make sure that light doesn’t shine on me. Take to the waters like a ghost ship. Hold him underwater; make sure that fucker drowns. Hold your breath; stretch your lungs. Take to the sea, sing to floor. Take to the sea, and learn to drown.
Track Name: Fools
You learned to lie just by watching me. You’ve got black bile running through your veins. Take it from the advice of a better man. “I should be wise for honesty’s a fool.”
Track Name: This Time, Knock Down All the Pins
He surrounded himself in wicker chairs. So that no one would be able to touch him. When asked why he refused to move. He spilled out an undeniable truth. (He said) I can’t deny that in the end we’re all the same, we’re all the same. And as much as I wish it weren’t the case we’re all destined to live and die alone. Broken down somewhere and left in the cold. Clawing, pawing for another breath of air. I can’t deny all my hopes and let them drown.
Track Name: 15 Words
And if the earth falls from beneath these feet I’ll only be one line into this whole mess. I wish I never had to claw at the scalp of--of my own fucking head. 15 fucking words is all I have. 15 fucking words never hurt so bad.
Track Name: People Die Here All the Time
Let me draw this out. Let me feel you out. No one, will reach, for me, you see. Once all alone, I want to touch you, I want to feel everything. I want to be everyone, I’m so far from home, once all alone.
Track Name: The Old Ball & Chain
I’ll stay here while you die at home. (I’ll stay here while you play the same song). You cut through my skin like a needle scratching its way into vinyl. Finding the grooves and the etches that make me sing. The filament in your bulb has grown so brittle like our bones.
Track Name: After Careful Analysis, Virginia Might Be a Commonwealth
Tell me black crow how hoes mending your broken wing? Does it hurt when you looks towards the sun? Does the ray melt the glue that has your wings held on? Does it hurt to face the north--look right into the sun? Wasting our time, it figures, we’re wasting our time. Right, father? We’re wasting our time.
Track Name: It Kills Me
And at the bitter end you’ll find what’s left of a broken man. An empty shell half buried in the dirt. The roots of trees have made their way through and through and up into you. I hope your roots lay heavy so that you do not bow. I hope your shoulders stay sturdy so that your limbs don’t snap. I hope you stand like an oak, but that you live like a pine. I hope you find a strength that will stand the test of time.