My Life is the Pause

by The Usual

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released June 25, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered @ Little Lamplight Studio by Matt Redenbo.

Artwork courtesy of Craig Smith.

Matt Redenbo// Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Guyton Cade// Drums, Vocals



all rights reserved


The Usual Baltimore, Maryland


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Track Name: My Life is the Pause, the Space Between
It crumbles, it falls. Millions of people, of places, of life’s debris. Learn to breathe amongst debris. Learn to breathe in capsized cities. (Go ahead, you can cry. My life is the pause, the space between).
Track Name: You Can't Go Home Again
Someday the pavement will end. For every friend is a funeral you must go. We all grow up. No one will last. We just leave sad memory of the past.
Track Name: Rubble
Feet fall silent and rest in their best fashion. Goddamn, it hurts--the pain in my gut, the pain in my throat. Well these pains are just hands clenching my insides. Let it lie where it is. Let it be motionless. Let the dust collect, let the new wounds breathe. Let the dust collect, let the new wounds bleed. Just give it time. Some time to heal.
Track Name: We'll Get There
I know you’re still here. There’s not much time we’re getting back, but we’ll take it in stride. We’ll get there with all our scars. And when you die, please die smiling so I can be thinking that you were finally happy. It’s what we’re all striving for.
Track Name: Losing It
Look at the words on the glass. Look at the words never heard. Sparing details to conclude what you couldn’t feel anymore. Just look at your spine, there’s no marrow in your bones. (Hear a little lie that makes you confront the part of yourself that you wish away every night as you crawl towards sleep. A fine tuned reaction to the countless cells your body has lost - lost from the few parts you cared for at all). Libra! Did I make your palms dip? Libra, I’m losing it. Rest - and know you're losing it.
Track Name: Nothing Genuine
I can’t deal with the silence. Goddamn, all the times you wouldn’t speak.
Track Name: Where Everything is Coming From
Making adjustments from long sleepless nights where I’ve often tried to stop from thinking how I would have never let go. Now I know I won’t even be losing a tear at the sight of your name on your fucking grave. These thoughts have me weighed down to my sheets. Tight knit, in misery. Knowing these nights won’t change. (I’ve known from the start of it all where everything is going). These nights will never change. It just keeps repeating. The motions of the day to day. Here’s where I’ll admit what’s already obvious, that you are where all of this and everything is coming from.